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Hair-Raising Hippo Hopping

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Hippos are one of the most territorial and dangerous animals in Africa. They have evolved to do many things underwater--even sleep. But perhaps most shocking is the uncanny and terrifying speed at which hippos "bounce...

Armored Car Attack Strategy

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The guys each invest in some heavy junkers and modify them to stand up to their personal Mad Max demolition derby. Lots of spikes are used. Catch new episodes of WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG Wednesdays at 10/9c on Sc...

The Mystery of the Milky Way’s Missing Stars

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Astrophysicists think there should be many more stars in the Milky Way due to the large amount of dust and gas surrounding the galaxy's perimeter. Something is holding this vast field of matter on the galaxy's doorst...

A Volcano Cooks a Can of Ravioli

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Witness the most delicious of molten explosions courtesy of volcano explorer Bryan Lowry. Please let volcano cooked ravioli be the next foodie craze... Catch OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE Saturdays at 9/8c on Science: ...

Electromagnetism: The Glue of the Universe

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Electromagnetism is one of the fundamental forces and is the glue that holds all matter together. Find out how photons, the charged particles that allow us to see the world around us, are at the heart of electromagnet...

A Sticky Situation

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This "stick bomb" is a little bit science and a little bit art. When over 13K tongue depressors pop to life, find out what makes them jump. Catch OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE Saturdays at 9/8c on Science: Watch full...

Epsilon 1: A Monster of Mining

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Epsilon 1 is a 5000 ton, 60 million dollar monster of mining. This heavy machine is a bucket wheel excavator, or BWE, mounted on nine enormous crawler tracks. A rotating head of bucket scoops positioned on a swing arm...

Building Toys with a 20 Ton Excavator

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When Juha Pekka of Finland needs a break from the rigors of construction work, he blows off steam by using his giant excavator to build tiny toys. Juha's precise control of this piece of heavy machinery is nothing sho...

Survivorman: How to Survive in the Wild (360 Video)

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For more immersive experiences, head to . Join Survivorman Les Stroud outdoors and in Virtual Reality for some first-hand survival tips. Subscribe to Science Channel: Join us on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: ...

Majority of Earth’s Water Likely Not from Comets

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It was once thought comets may have delivered the water on Earth, but the chemical signature of comet water does not match that of the water found on Earth. If not from comets, how did Earth get its water? Catch new ...

Where Did Earth’s Water Come From?

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When trying to figure out why our planet has water, scientists first had to theorize about how water formed in the universe. Catch new episodes of HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS Tuesdays at 10/9c on Science! | Watch full e...

Launching a Massive Submersible

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Tasked with establishing a communications cable between two islands, a deep sea crew must gently place an enormous submersible into the water without damaging it's vital power and communications equipment. Catch DIRT...

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